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Pressure vessels factory

1. Periodic examination of pressure vessels
2. Cutting sheet thickness up to 3mm
3. Plate bending
4. Cold bending of pipes
5. Work with hydraulic presses from 100 to 250 tons
6. Work with ekscenter presses
7. Plasma device cutting
8. Engraving
9. Sand-blasting
10. Mechanical testing of materials
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Construction and agricultural machinery factory

1. Thermal processing
a)  Stiring
b)  Improvement
c)  Quenching
d)  Hardening
e)  Cementation
f)  Ion nitriding
2. Coil rolling
3. Zn coating
4. Cutting with framework saws
5. Dotted welding
6. MAG welding
7. Autogenous cutting and welding
8. Tools work
9. Locksmith work
10. Service on tool milling machine
11. Work with presses More on construction and agricultural machinery factory  

Hydraulic components factory

1. Steering unit repair and service
2. Repair and service of hydrobatteryes made in "Lifam-M"
3. Grinding tool
4. Vertical infiltration
5. Procesing on:
a) Universal lathe
b) Revolver lathe
c) Automatic and
d) NC lathes
6. Grinding (flat and round)
7. Grinding without tips
8. Measuring on coordinate machine
9. Measuring of circularity and roughness
10. Measuring of material hardness
11. Chemical analysis of materials
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