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>About us

"Lifam M" L.t.d. is located in Stara Pazova. This is factory with modern technology and dynamic development. We sell our products on domestic, and also on foreign market, and constantly aspires towards new positions on world`s market. Our biggest priority is to maintain a high level of product quality and quality service that we provide to our customer.

>History of our company

The factory for production of cylinders for propane-butane was founded in 1956. under the name "Lifam". This period is characterized by the existence of the factory`s permanent development that it is classified among the biggest and most famous producers of steel tanks for the LPG, as well as the factory which dynamically developing agricultural mechanization programm, hydraulics, electronics.

Lifam M Stara Pazova Istorijat

The factory for production of cylinders for propane-butane "Lifam-M" was founded in 1999, in the period of privatization in our country. In 16th of June, 2003. there was a change of ownership structure, and the factory was owned by "Feroimpex" l.t.d. from Vukovar, Croatia. During this period in the property of "Feroimpex" l.t.d. has been conduced a series of capital investments.

In the beginning of the 2004. in the production program of the factory was included a wide range of cylindrical LPG tanks for the automobile industry. After two years, as the result of the modern vision and tracking of market flows and client requirements, the factory developed rhe program of toroidal tanks. Results of dynamic development trends are also factory for agicultural machinery and hydraulic components factory. Today company employs 148 workers.



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